A Day at Blackpool Tower


The home of Strictly Come Dancing during their special ‘Blackpool week’, and with decades of history to its name this is one of my favourite places that we’ve visited this year. Opulent surroundings, a lovely afternoon tea and a sneaky glass of prossecco – you can’t get better than that. It was so lovely watching Aria spin around and enjoy herself; many people came up to me and expressed their delight and said it reminded them of when their parents brought them dancing at a similar age. It really hit home how for some people this ballroom is a staple of their childhood and helped cement a lifelong love of dancing for them.


The ballroom is part of the Merlin group, so once again it was something we could enjoy for free and I simply paid for the afternoon tea as a birthday present for a friend. Afterwards we headed to the Tower circus which is really entertaining and well worth a visit as well… all part of the Merlin group so if you do decide to invest in a pass you would get in free to these attractions and be able to go to ‘Jungle Jim’s’ soft play centre too. Aria always loves the silly 2p machines and arcade games so I always let her have a go as a treat.

It’s only possible to book for a 90 minute slot from 12pm at various times throughout the day in the ballroom. I picked the earliest time so we could go to the 2.30pm circus show and still be able to drive back and miss the traffic at rush hour. If it’s a nice day you could easily come earlier and wander along the beach or walk down the seafront as it gets dark and see some of the illuminations come on. There’s also all the pier attractions and the pleasure beach. i’ve yet to go on the big dipper but it’s on my list before we move away next year.


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