The Wee Kelpies


I was lucky enough to see the wee Kelpies at the botanics in Glasgow before I headed South to Manchester this summer. These were made by hand by Scottish sculptor Andy Scott and are 10ft models of the ‘real’ structure at Helix Park, Falkirk. The full size version is 100ft high and is the largest equine structure in the world. It stands so as to form an entrance over the  Forth and Clyde canal.

On a beautiful sunny day they almost glittered and stood extremely majestically to overlook a park packed with sunbathers, children and anyone in the West End who rushed out to top up on some much needed vitamin D – never in abundance in Scotland, so it’s always ‘taps aff’ on a  day like this! (To the none Scottish among us that means every man in Glasgow appears to think ‘it’s so hot i.e over 14C, I must immediately take my top off and head to the park to get sunburnt’).

Alton Towers and the unforgettable forgotten gardens


I took the monkey to Alton Towers today for her first go on a roller coaster and to generally just go mad in CBeebies land – being 2 years old the only ‘grown up’ thing she could go on was The Runaway Train, 4 goes later and I can safely say she loved it. She’s spent all day reenacting ‘the scream’ she did the whole way round… not a real scream just the performed scream she thought everyone had to do when they rode a coaster!

Anyway, it was whilst we crossed over the gardens in a cable car that I realised that every time I go I think ‘wow these gardens are stunning’ and then I carry on my way and find another ride to go on. Alton Towers gardens are pretty well known for their breathtaking beauty but you almost ignore them within the excitement of going to the UK’s best theme park (well, before the horrific Smiler incident it was). Next time I visit I’ve made a promise to myself to go and enjoy the incredible gardens and have a picnic with the monkey….. hopefully I’ll have lots more photos for you next time too!