Hidden Tranquility: Bingham’s Pond


I found myself down at Gartnavel Hospital today. As soon as I stepped off the bus, I found myself in front of this surprise beauty spot. An area of tranquility that manages to exist right next to a main road. As soon as I walked around it, the usual noises were distant somehow. Lovely little spot, I might even bring monkey down to feed the birds on Sunday if the weather allows.

According to The Urban Fly Fisher Bingham’s Pond was first developed in the early 1800s, so I’m pretty impressed the space has remained protected despite extensive developments in the surrounding area.


Hatching the Past: Archeological Findings


The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum dinosaur exhibition has some great hands on activities for smaller children. This monkey had loads of fun searching for dinosaur eggs hiding in the gravel. There were also lots of other opportunities for her to touch and play with things and get a really good experience for someone her age (2 years).

See ‘Hatching the Past‘ for more information.

Sunshine Moon (Part 2)


My daughter adores the moon, she seems to get particularly excited if we can see it in the daytime. I tried to get a really good picture of it for her to look at at home. She’s pretty thoroughly anthropomorphised the moon; she always says hello and goodbye and once told me that ‘he’s crying because he’s got no Mummy’….

I was pretty impressed about the level of detail my zoom function gave me on this one, I expected the image to blur but there’s some really clearly defined craters available to see.

Fossilised Roar


The Dinosaurs of Kelvingrove

P1010368 P1010386 P1010331 P1010379

Sunshine Moon at Downhill Park

IMG_0032 (1)

Delicacies of Spring (Part 2)

IMG_0016 IMG_0018

Shattered Skies


I liked the way the perspective of this shot gives the appearance of the tree reaching some kind of glass ceiling and shattering through it. Smashing the patriarchy in the woods 🙂

Gorgeous Glasgow: The Waterfalls of Linn Park


Delicacies of Spring