Sunny days in Scotland – The Isle of Bute

IMG_0523So Last Monday it was a beautiful sunny day, on a whim I decided to travel out to the Isle of Bute. I’ve been in Glasgow a while and shamefully have to admit I’ve not done a massive amount of exploring. I’ve been to Ayr, Loch Lomond, Edinburgh, St Andrews, and Stirling, but that’s about it.


The Isle Of Bute takes about 90 minutes in total from Glasgow central (50 mins by train the a 35 minute ferry ride). The trains and ferries are hourly and line up nicely on the timetable. It really is worth the trip. It also seems to be a popular family destination with plenty to do around the isle. I’d read a bit online before going and discovered there are a few sandy beaches. My little monkey hadn’t been to the beach or paddled in the sea so I must admit this was the main aim. I decided on heading to Ettrick Bay, the closest beach to Rothesay. There’s regular buses from Rothesay the main town on Bute where the ferry lands. There was meant to be a tour bus but it didn’t show up so we just jumped on the next normal bus.


Ettrick Bay has a little café called the Ettrick Bay Tearoom where you can eat, grab a drink and of course go to the loo and get changed – essential things when you have a small child. The bay itself is really beautiful with a gorgeous view of both Arran and Kintyre in the distance.


The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot so we managed to spend an hour or two digging and paddling away before monkey got tired and needed a nap. She’s well accustomed to the baby carrier so slept on my back whilst I headed back to Rothesay for a bit of an explore.


There’s Rothesay Castle to explore which is small but has it’s own moat and an incredibly long history dating right back to the 13th century. I thought it was a tiny bit expensive at £4.50 – there wasn’t much educational stuff set up but it was a quiet break away from the world and I still like the really historical locations as they always hold a bit of a spell over me. Rothesay Castle didn’t have the level of effect the Colosseum had when I was in Rome but it was still a wee bit mystical.


All together I think the day trip cost about £40 per adult for all the travel and all our food and the castle trip so if you can spare that kind of money and find yourself in Glasgow on a sunny day I’d really recommend a trip out to the Isle Of Bute.



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